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3010: Become the Machineis the story of Jason Joshua who faces difficult choices while navigating the negative temptations of being a star high school athlete. Jason’s dreams of playing in college are gunned down in a pick-up basketball game. Jason is then transformed and led on a journey into a future world where sport is no more and virtual gaming reigns. 

We become consumed with understanding how his transformation will impact both his current life (where, tragically, he is now in a coma fighting for his life), and the future world, where he must master technology and a gaming culture he inherently despises.  In Jason’s journey to discover and reconcile this paradox, he encounters twists and turns that surprise along the way. His story becomes a social commentary on the current impact and intersection of sports, technology, and e-gaming cultures. We learn that while greed and corruption can manifest from the human spirit, these self-centered aspects of humanity can be overcome through belief in a greater good.

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Jason Joshua
Blue Chip High School Athlete
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Xenotron Warrior

 Jason’s dreams of playing in college are gunned down in a pick-up basketball game. Jason is then transformed and led on a journey into a future world where sport is no more, virtual gaming reigns, and humankind lives in a space station called the Life Ring that resembles mechanical rings of Saturn. 

A nobel and loyal Xenotron Warrior who is left behind on the Life Ring on an escape mission to earth. PS5674 vows to return to the Rings to save her. Coil uses her wits and the plasma drill affixed to her forearm to negotiate her survival. 

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Change Form Droid

A Change Form Droid that can hydro-morph into many shapes and beings. SoNite hitches a ride on a Xenotron escape mission to earth and soon regrets his choice to leave the Life Ring. He is determined at any cost to return to the Rings.

Xenotron Leader

Led by rogue droid PS5674, the Xenotrons have escaped the Life Ring to re-inhabit the earth where their lives revolve around ancient technology and primitive sports games. The defective rogue droids are being hunted down.

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TroNics, Inc Sargent At Arms

The leader of Dr. Damon Raven's Locksmith Security droids and Raven's most reliable enforcer. Sedusa emits plasma charges from her hair that can paralyze enemy droids. Her vicious locks can also wrap and crush foes in combat like mechanical boa constrictors. 

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Xenotron Weapons Engineer

A loyal mentor to Xenotron leader PS5674, Ratchet is wise and understands the intricate detail and nuance of the Xenotrons' history. A plasma welding engineer during Life Ring construction, Ratchet designs and builds the Xenotron rebels' advanced weapons systems. 


Herman Jenkins lives and works in Detroit as an entrepreneur and community advocate. Jenkins credits much of his success to the experiences, coaches, and mentors encountered participating in youth sports. As owner of Flysho Creative, Jenkins develops digital marketing and promotional content for both corporate and creative clients. Sport was a key underpinning of Jenkins’ development as a youth. Strong family relationships and the difficult sacrifices that were made, coupled with coaches and mentors along the way, helped Jenkins navigate the pitfalls of growing up in Detroit in the 1980’s. Jenkins earned a scholarship to play NCAA basketball at the University of Detroit Mercy and would later work for Major League Baseball's  Detroit Tigers before his ventures in business. Through the world of 3010: Become the Machine, Jenkins hopes to connect his experiences of sport and its ever-changing social dynamics to inform and inspire young minds in a creative, fun, and exciting way. 

"I was hooked on Jason's journey from the very beginning. I couldn't wait to see how it would end." - Rob Parker, Fox Sports                  

"What a unique and  amazing new world for young readers to explore. It's just fantastic!"

 - Dr. Kari Krantz, PhD , Education Consultant

"Jenkins cleverly explores the subtle conflict between the worlds of sport and e-gaming culture." - Mike Jackson, High School Athletic Director

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